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Russie, traditions et perspectives

Edited by Maryse Dennes

The “Russia, traditions et perspectives” collection was created as part of the Publishing House of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine (Aquitaine House of Social Sciences) in order to make possible the publication of books on the history of ideas as well as human and social sciences in Russia. Its primary goal is to promote the works of Russian philosophers, thinkers and scientists from the XX century who, after being rejected and forgotten during the Soviet era, are considered with renewed interest and participate nowadays in the latest research in some of their aspects. It is designed to accommodate collections of articles and collective works that emphasize the links that current research maintains with the achievements of Russian culture of the XX and early XXI centuries, as well as with the different traditions that make up this culture. It also brings together French translations of Russian texts which, despite their undeniable scientific value, have not yet enjoyed the audience that they deserve. Distribution, translation, restoration and interpretation, these are the keywords for this collection that intends to add a Russian touch to research carried out in France in the areas of human and social sciences. 

ISSN (Print version): 2266-7210

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