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Akh Purattim 1

Jean-Claude Margueron
Olivier Rouault
Pierre Lombard

Preface of the first volume

Jean-Claude Margueron, Olivier Rouault et Pierre Lombard

Texte intégral

  • 1 See “Bibliographie récente” for the titles on Mari and Terqa which have appeared after 1997, in the (...)

1The fundamental objectives of the periodical Akh Purattim have been defined in the general preface. However, in an initial phase a few liberties will be taken with these objectives, in order to mop up the projects which have been in suspension because of ten years’ interruption, an excessive lapse of time due to difficulties beyond our control. Thus in the first two volumes there appear first of all excavation reports and publications of material (Mari and Terqa). Then other articles (“Studies”), which do not result directly from a recent excavation and are not justified in the widened field defined above, take their place naturally in these volumes, independently of the sequence of preliminary reports: thus the “re-examination of the lower levels of the sector of the temple of Ishtar” is not the result of the mini-excavation of 1997 which is mentioned there and can be published outside the excavation report. Certainly, the content of certain articles could have been evoked briefly or summarized in the recent work, Mari, metropole de l'Euphrate...1; but because they should have appeared well before the latter, should they be denied presentation of the demonstrative logic which justified the position taken because of a lack of space in this type of publication? Finally, this first volume finishes with the contributions which were presented at a round table concerning the research carried out at and around Mari which took place at Strasbourg in 1997; some of these have recently been brought up to date, others appear to be useful even in their original version.

2Concerning the volumes to come, the preliminary reports on Mari (1997-2004) which are still lacking will all be presented in a condensed version, parallel with those under new supervision (P. Butterlin, starting with the 2005 campaign). The reports on Terqa will follow a somewhat different rhythm, as some have already been presented in Italy.

3We are grateful to the Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée Jean Pouilloux for accepting Akh Purattim in its collections, and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for ensuring the co-publication of this journal.

4The editors

Notes de fin

1 See “Bibliographie récente” for the titles on Mari and Terqa which have appeared after 1997, in the present volume p. 325‑334.

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