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Multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean

Sylvie Yona Waksman

Table des matières

Sylvie Yona Waksman


Cyprus and the Levant

Sally Grainger


Bouillon léger de poissons et fruits de mer (monokythron)

Byzantium and beyond

Sally Grainger


Quail pie & Mixed pulses

Nikos D. Kontogiannis et Stefania S. Skartsis

Ceramic vessels and food consumption

Chalcis as a major production and distribution center in the Byzantine and Frankish periods

Trading goods, trading tastes

Sally Grainger


Omelette soufflée & Sweet salad

Evelina Todorova

One amphora, different contents

The multiple purposes of Byzantine amphorae according to written and archaeological data

George Koutsouflakis

The transportation of amphorae, tableware and foodstuffs in the Middle and Late Byzantine period

The evidence from Aegean shipwrecks

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