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Multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean

Dans ce volume, archéologues, archéomètres et historiens contribuent par différentes approches à un domaine de recherche émergent : les pratiques alimentaires en Méditerranée orientale médiévale. Il présente les résultats du programme ANR POMEDOR « Populations, poteries et alimentation en Méditerranée orientale médiévale », qui abordait l’évolution de ces pratiques lors de périodes de transition, telles que les croisades ou les conquêtes turques, principalement au travers d’études archéolo...

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Note de l’éditeur

Published with the support of the French National Research Agency (under reference ANR-12-CULT-0008).

  • Éditeur : MOM Éditions
  • Collection : Archéologie(s) | 4
  • Lieu d’édition : Lyon
  • Année d’édition : 2020
  • Publication sur OpenEdition Books : 07 janvier 2021
  • EAN (Édition imprimée) : 9782356680709
  • EAN électronique : 9782356681737
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.momeditions.10099
  • Nombre de pages : 508 p.
Sylvie Yona Waksman


Sally Grainger

Pickle de légumes with oinogaron

Sylvie Yona Waksman

The POMEDOR project “People, pottery and food in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean”

Andrew Dalby
The making of the Byzantine dinner

By a participant observer

Cyprus and the Levant

Sally Grainger

Bouillon léger de poissons et fruits de mer (monokythron)

Philippe Trélat
Du lac de Limassol aux tables de Nicosie

Pêcheries et consommation de poisson à Chypre sous la domination latine (1191‑1570)

Ruth Smadar Gabrieli, Sylvie Yona Waksman, Anastasia Shapiro et al.
Archaeological and archaeometric investigations of cooking wares in Frankish and Venetian Cyprus
Edna J. Stern, Sylvie Yona Waksman et Anastasia Shapiro
The impact of the Crusades on ceramic production and use in the southern Levant

Continuity or change?

Elisabeth Yehuda
Between oven and Tannur

“Frankish” and “indigenous” kitchens in the Holy Land in the Crusader period

Anastasia Shapiro, Edna J. Stern, Nimrod Getzov et al.
Ceramic evidence for sugar production in the ‘Akko plain

Typology and provenance studies

Byzantium and beyond

Sally Grainger

Quail pie & Mixed pulses

Béatrice Caseau
Dogs, vultures, horses and black pudding

Unclean meats in the eyes of the Byzantines

Nikos D. Kontogiannis et Stefania S. Skartsis
Ceramic vessels and food consumption

Chalcis as a major production and distribution center in the Byzantine and Frankish periods

Elli Tzavella
Corinth: beyond the forum

Use of ceramics, social implications and settlement pattern (12th‑13th centuries)

Joanita Vroom
Eating in Aegean lands (ca 700-1500)

Perspectives on pottery

Zeynep Mercangöz
A pottery production for whom and for what target?

Thoughts on pottery finds from Kadıkalesi (Kuşadası) excavation

Chryssa Bourbou
The biocultural model applied

Synthesizing research on Greek Byzantine diet (7th‑15th century AD)

Jacques Burlot, Sylvie Yona Waksman, Beate Böhlendorf‑Arslan et al.
Changing people, dining habits and pottery technologies

Tableware productions on the eve of the Ottoman Empire in western Anatolia

Trading goods, trading tastes

Sally Grainger

Omelette soufflée & Sweet salad

Evelina Todorova
One amphora, different contents

The multiple purposes of Byzantine amphorae according to written and archaeological data

Alessandra Pecci, Nicolas Garnier et Sylvie Yona Waksman
Residue analysis of medieval amphorae from the Eastern Mediterranean
Yana Morozova, Sylvie Yona Waksman et Sergey Zelenko
Byzantine amphorae of the 10th-13th centuries from the Novy Svet shipwrecks, Crimea, the Black Sea

Preliminary typology and archaeometric studies

Valentina Vezzoli
Food habits and tableware in Venice

The connection with the Mamluk Sultanate

Concluding remarks

Johannes Koder
Multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean

Concluding remarks to the POMEDOR symposium

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