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Biosfera, acqua, bellezza

Francesco Del Pizzo
Pasquale Giustiniani


Ambientamente 4 (Isernia 2015)

Which beauty will save the Biosphere? Esthetic profiles of environmental Bioethics The 4th International Meeting on Bioethics of the Biosphere.

Texte intégral

1Scholars attending the International Meeting AmbientaMente/4 - Isernia 2015 debated on Which beauty will save the Biosphere? meaning world, galaxy and environment. The question arises from Dostoevskij’s Idiot-It makes us reflect on the relevance of beauty in scientific matters. Beauty is not only an aesthetic category, but it is also spiritual, theological, philosophic, sociological, economic, anthropological, medical, pedagogical, juridical, poetical and environmental. In other words Beauty is a polysemantic concept and it is part of the bioethics sphere.

2Experts pointed out that:

  1. A univocal sense of beauty does not exist. Every research field settles his own concept of beauty through specific and different standards of interpretation.
  2. Beauty arises from a perfect harmony between inside and outside wellness. Beauty is a dialogue between natural science, life science, medicine and technology.
  3. Beauty – as wellness – arises from a responsible exploitation of environmental, financial and human sources. Beauty is also defense and respect for the environment and the human beings, but it needs a system of laws capable of protecting every single national Constitution and, at the same time, an international Law, widely shared.
  4. The recognition of the value of beauty raises issues: Can it be extended to human health and to public health care? Beauty, in its medical-aesthetic sense, means to safeguard the patient’s wellness. However, it is not easy to balance patients requests and their health needs, beyond aesthetic. The physician needs to find a balance between therapeutic needs and patient’s aesthetic and psychologic wishes.
  5. The idea of a human and a world beauty belongs to the same concept. According to Christian theology, the perfect symbol of beauty is Christ, synthesis of God and his Creation.

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