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Savoirs en Texte

Edited by Gisèle Séginger

Since 2018, the research center has launched a new collection of publications: as a fully digital publishing space, open to the entire scientific community, the "Savoirs en Texte" collection publishes collective books or monographs, which are carefully selected through a process of expertise. These books examine the link between knowledge and texts, the use and transformation of knowledge, representations and patterns of thinking, whether they come from human sciences (history, sociology, economics, etc.) or from different fields such as physics, biology, chemistry, etc. The collection is open to studies that develop various methods of analysis, in order to explore the genesis of representations, intertextuality, cultural context as well as the poetics of texts. Its purpose is to promote a highly interdisciplinary approach in the context of the human sciences.

Supervised by a scientific director (Gisèle Séginger) and an editorial manager (Carmen Husti), the "Savoirs en texte" collection seeks to build a bridge between research and publishing, in the wake of one of the LISAA’s focus of research: "Heritage, Publishing and Digital Humanities".

ISSN (Print version): 2647-4131

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