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Creative Commons: a user guide

Simone Aliprandi

Appendix V. Books, articles and websites about Creative Commons

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1Bourcier, Danièle; Casanovas, Pompeu; Dulong de Rosnay, Mélanie; Maracke Catharina (eds.) (2010), Intelligent Multimedia. Managing creative works in a digital world, European Press Academic Publishing.

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6Garlick, Mia (2005), A Review of Creative Commons and Science Commons

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10Lessig, Lawrence (2004), The Creative Commons, 65 Mont. L. Rev. 1

11Lessig, Lawrence (2001), The future of ideas, Available at http://www.the‐future‐of‐

12Lessig Lawrence (2004), Free culture, Available at‐

13Lessig Lawrence (2008), Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. Available at​details/​LawrenceLessigRemix.

14Mako Hill, Benjamin (2005), Towards a Standard of Freedom: Creative Commons and the Free Software Movement. Available at​writing/​toward_a_standard_of_freedom.html

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16Orlowski, Andrew (2009), The Tragedy of the Creative Commons. Available at​tag/​creative‐commons/.

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19 (Creative Commons official website).

20​FAQ (the “Frequently asked questions” official webpage).

21​Videos (videos about Creative Commons).

22​about/​history/​ (History of Creative Commons).

23​ (Lawrence Lessig personal website).

24​ (the famous free encyclopedia, published with a Creative Commons license).

25​ (a large archive where artists allow anyone to download and share their music using CC licenses).

26​creativecommons (a large archive with many images that are licensed under Creative Commons)

27http://www.copyleft‐ (Italian project involved in dissemination about copyleft and Creative Commons)


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