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Designing Sustainable Urban Futures

Marius Albiez
Gerhard Banse
Kenyon C. Lindeman
et al.

2. Research and Development Processes

Local Citizen Participation in the European Context

Albert Geiger

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Estratto del testo

Europe is undergoing change, it is changing ever more rapidly, and the relationships are becoming increasingly complex. In Germany, we will lose nearly 17 million inhabitants in the next 30 years, according to the latest forecasts. Every third person in this country will be 65 or older by then. The number of students will be halved in the next 30 years. The energy transition must be achieved. For a European city, it is more than ever important to find answers to the crucial questions of the future.

1 “We are they and they are we!”

In practice, there is no clear path with a sign at the beginning that reads: “This takes you directly to the simple answer to complex questions about the future.” In fact, there are many ways. Most of them are neither mapped nor prepared for a navigation system. In order to find the way forward for Ludwigsburg, in 2004 the city administration and city council embarked on a journey towards finding the right coordinates. We called this journey “Opportunities f...


City Administration, Head of the Unit Sustainable Urban Development, Ludwigsburg, Germany;

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