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Der gesellschaftliche Umgang mit zunehmender Verwundbarkeit

Bishawjit Mallick


Texte intégral

1AC: Anpassungsfähigkeit (Adaptive Capacity)

2ADB: Asian Development Bank

3ADPC: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

4AUDMP: Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Programme

5BCN: Basic Cost Need

6BDT: Bangladesh Taka

7BMD: Bangladesh Meteorological Department

8BRAC: Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee

9BRCS: Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

10BTV: Bangladesh Television

11BUDMP: Bangladesh Urban Disaster Mitigation Project

12CA: Cluster Analysis

13CBO: Community Based Organisation

14CBDM: Community Based Disaster Management

15CCDR: Cabinet Committee on Disaster Response

16CDMP: Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme

17CERF: Central Emergency Relief Fund

18CHPB: Centre for Housing Planning and Building

19CLIP: Collaboration, Conflict, Legitimacy, Interest and Power

20CPP: Cyclone Prepardness Progam

21CRC: Cambodian Red Cross

22CRF: Coastal Research Foundation

23CR: Capacity of Response

24Cr: Categorial Regression

25CrA: Correspondence Analyse

26CS: Cyclone Shelter

27CSDDWS: Committee for Speedy Dissemination of Disaster Related Warning Signals

28CVAT: Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool

29DDi: Degree of Demand Index

30DEM: Digital Elevation Model

31DMB: Disaster Management Bureau

32DMC: Disaster Management Committee

33DDMC: District Disaster Management Committee

34DER: Disaster and Emergency Response

35DMBoB: Disaster Management Bureau of Bangladesh

36DROP: Disaster resilience of place

37DRR: Disaster Risk Reduction

38DRRO: Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Officer

39EW: Frühwarnung (Early Warning)

40ERD: Economic Relations Division

41FFW: Food For Work

42FGD: Zielgruppendiskussion (Focus Group Discussion)

43GoB: Government of Bangladesh

44GPS: Global Positioning System

45GR: Gratuity Relief

46HAZUS: Hazard United States

47HOP: Hazard of Place

48IA: Integrated Approach

49ICZMP: Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programme

50IfR: Institut für Regionalwissenschaft/Institute of Regional Science

51IFRC: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

52IMDMCC: Inter-Ministerial Disaster Management Coordination Committee

53IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

54IFRC: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

55IV: Independent Variable

56IWM: Institute for Water Modelling

57KABIKHA: Food for work programme

58KIT: Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

59KMO: Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Werte

60KVERMP: Kathmundu Valley Risk Management Project

61LCG: Local Consultative Group

62LGED: Local Government Engineering Department

63LgR: Logistische Regression

64LVI: Livelihood Vulnerability Index

65MDG: Millennium Developments Goal

66MoEF: Ministry of Environment and Forest

67MoFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh

68MoFDM: Ministry of Food and Disaster Management

69MPCS: Multi-purpose Cyclone Shelter

70MSL: Mean Sea Level

71NCDMP: Naga City Disaster Mitigation Project

72NDMP: National Disaster Management Council

73NGO: Non Governemnt Organization NN: Normal Null

74NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

75NSET: National Society of Earthquake Technology of Nepal

76PA: Proximity Analysis

77PAR: Pressure and Release Modell

78PCA: Principle Component Analysis (Hauptkomponentenanalyse)

79PEA: Political Economy Approach

80PI: Proximity to Infrastructure

81PV: Processed Variable

82PIO: Project Implementation Officer

83PLA: Participatory Learning and Action

84PSF: Pond Sand Filter

85R: Resilienz

86RVC: Red Cross Volunteer

87RHA: Risk Hazard Approach

88Ri: Uniformity of Distribution

89SCF: Save the Children Fund

90SLMUDMP: Sri Lanka Multi-Hazard Urban Disaster Mitigation Projekt

91SoB: Survey of Bangladesh

92SOVI: Social Vulnerability Index

93SPVI: Socio-spaital Vulnerability Index/Vulnerability to Tidal Surges

94SSI: Social Supremacy Index

95SWC: Storm Warning Center

96TR: Test Relief

97UDMC: Union Disaster Management Committee

98UNCRD: United Nations for Regional Development

99UNDP: United Nations Development Program

100UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

101UNICEF: United Nations International Children’s Fund

102UNFCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

103UNISDR: United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction

104UNO: Union Nirbahi Officer

105UP: Union Parishad

106USD: United States Dollar

107V: Vulnerabilität (Vulnerability)

108VoI: Vulnerbility due to Infrastructure

109VCR: Vulnerability, Capacity and Resilience

110VGD: Vulnerable Group Development

111VGF: Vulnerable Group Feeding

112WB: Weltbank (World Bank)

113WFP: World Food Program


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