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Ethical Aspects of Climate Engineering

Gregor Betz
Sebastian Cacean


Gregor Betz et Sebastian Cacean

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1This book is a slightly modified and updated translation of a study commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on Ethical Aspects of Climate Engineering. Parallel to this ethical assessment, further scoping reports on natural and social science as well as legal aspects of CE were compiled. The highly focused reports were eventually merged into a single interdisciplinary assessment, which is also available in English (cf. Rickels 2011). We have profited enormously from discussions with experts in charge of the other scoping reports and are indebted to the BMBF for providing the opportunity to carry out this study.

2The BMBF report has been finalised in spring 2011, and it is roughly the state of the CE debate at that point in time which is analysed in this book. This holds in particular for the commented bibliography, compiled by Sebastian Cacean, but applies to the arguments as well. The CE controversy, though, is advancing rapidly; ISI web of knowledge counts 44 new articles on “geoengineering” in 2011 alone. We thus conceive our assessment as a first, preliminary argumentative analysis only, which calls for more detailed investigations and continuous updates as the debate goes on.

3Last but not least, we would like to thank Heidemarie Knierim from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology for providing an excellent translation of the original German version.

4Karlsruhe, May 2012


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