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Le courage dans l'enseignement du français langue étrangère

Markus Ludescher


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« Tenter, braver, persister, persévérer, s’être fidèle à soi-même, prendre corps à corps le destin, étonner la catastrophe par le peu de peur qu’elle nous fait, tantôt affronter la puissance injuste, tantôt insulter la victoire ivre, tenir bon, tenir tête ; voilà l’exemple dont les peuples ont besoin, et la lumière qui les électrise. »

Victor Hugo,
Les Misérables (1862)

“I went to Parliament Square the other day. The graphic display […] mounted by peace and justice campaigner Brian Haw had been finally removed by the Metropolitan Police, knowing that Brian could no longer stand up to them, bodily and in the courts, as he did for a decade. Brian died in June. Visiting him one freezing Christmas, I was moved by the way he persuaded so many passers-by and the power of his courage. We now need millions like him. Urgently.”

John Pilger,
“War and shopping – an extremism that never speaks its name” (22.9.2011)

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