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Global Austria

Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

Forum: The Globalization of Austrian Studies

Austrian Studies in the United Kingdom

Peter Pulzer

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While many of the scholars who research, publish or teach on Austrian topics in Britain are also interested in the wider culture or history of Central or Western Europe, “Austrian Studies” occupy a recognized place in British academia, with some institutionalization in specialized university centers and publications. The best definition of the scope of Austrian Studies in the UK is that given by the Year Book Austrian Studies, now in its eighteenth year of publication. Its remit covers the German-language culture of former areas of the Habsburg Empire, such as Prague and the Bukovina, as well as the work of people of Austrian origin living abroad. Austrian interaction with other linguistic and ethnic groups—the Jewish communities of Austria-Hungary, for example—will also be taken into account. The editors define culture widely, to include psychology, philosophy, political theory, music, theater, film and the visual arts, with a de facto emphasis on literature and music. Historical a...


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