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Global Austria

Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

I. Austria and the World

OMV: A Case Study of an Austrian Global Player

Alexander Smith

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Estratto del testo

The OMV Aktiengesellschaft1 is in terms of net revenues Austria’s largest corporation2 and a major European energy company. Its oil and natural gas exploration and production activities cover seventeen countries around the globe. The Vienna-based enterprise is fully vertically integrated. It consolidates upstream and downstream operations from exploration, fossil fuel recovery, transport, and refining to marketing, distribution, and direct customer sales at its own gas stations. In addition, OMV operates in the petrochemical industry and, since 2007, in electricity generation. The Austrian oil and gas group is the leading energy corporation of East Central Europe. As such it plays an important role in European energy security.

Broadly defined, an enterprise which owns and controls assets in two or more countries is referred to as a multinational corporation (MNC) or global player.3 A main characteristic of a MNC, which “may be privately, publicly, cooperatively, or governmentally own...

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