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Global Austria

Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

I. Austria and the World

Ideology and Politics in the State that Nobody Wanted: Austro-Marxism, Austrofascism, and the First Austrian Republic

Tim Kirk

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By the beginning of the next week it was all over, except for the Government’s vengeance on its prisoners. The workers were made to fly the white flag. The Engels Hof was renamed the Dollfuss Hof. Every man over eighteen from the Schlinger Hof was in prison, including the sick and the cripples. Terrorism became economical, since a new law stopped the unemployment pay of those who had been arrested. Meanwhile Frau Dollfuss went among the workers’families, distributing cakes. […]
One evening, while we were having supper in a restaurant a man named Patterson came to our table. He was a journalist, who did a movie gossip-column for one of the daily papers […] a breezy stupid thick-skinned person, whose curiosity knew no inhibitions: in fact he was very well suited to his job.
“Well Mr Bergmann,” he began heartily, with the fatal instinct of the very tactless, “what do you think of Austria?”
Christopher Isherwood,
Prater Violet

Christopher Isherwood’s short book about an Austrian film direct...


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