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Friedensmacht Europa: Dynamische Kraft für Global Governance?

Herwig Büchele
Anton Pelinka

„Global Governance“ ist machbar: Global Marshall Plan für eine weltweite Ökosoziale Marktwirtschaft als Modell

Josef Riegler

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„We cannot govern the world of the 21st century with the rules and principles of the 20th century .
We cannot govern globalisation while relegating half of Humanity to the sidelines, without India, Africa or Latin America ...
If we do nothing to change world governance, nothing to regulate the economy, if we do not reform our systems of social protection, pensions, education and research, if we do not clean up our public finances, if we do not stringently prosecute the war against tax fraud, if we do not invest to prepare for the future, this recovery will be only a respite. The same causes will produce the same effects. Look at the new bubbles that are already starting to form ...
In the future, there will be a much greater demand for income to better reflect social utility and merit .
There will be a much greater demand for justice .
There will be a much greater demand for protection .
And no-one can escape this .
Either we change of our own accord, or change will be imposed on us by eco...


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