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Austria's International Position after the End of the Cold War

In the past quarter century we have moved from the Cold War to the Post-Cold War era in Austria, Europe and the world at large. Yet relatively little assessment is available what the change from the Cold War to the Post-Cold War era signaled for Austria's position in the world. Austrian foreign policy went through sea changes. The country lost its exposed Cold War geopolitical location on the margins of Western Europe along the iron curtain. With the removal of the iron curtain Austria mov...

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  • Publisher : innsbruck university press, University of New Orleans Press
  • Series : Contemporary Austrian Studies | 22
  • Place of publication : Innsbruck
  • Year of publication : 2013
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 29 September 2016
  • EAN (Print version) : 9783902936011
  • Electronic EAN : 9783903122369
  • Number of pages : 308 p.

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Günter Bischof
Günter Bischof

Of Dwarfs and Giants from Cold War Mediator to Bad Boy of Europe Austria and the U.S. in the Transatlantic Arena (1990-2013)

Foreign policy and memory

Nontopical essays

Book reviews

David Schrift
The Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans from Postwar Czechovakia: A Review Essay

Adrian von Arburg, Tomas Stanek, et., Vysídlení Nĕmců a promĕny českého pohraniči 195-1951: dokumenty z českých archive; 1. Češi a Nĕmci do roko 1945: úvod k edici; 2.1. Duben - srpen/září 1945: "Divoky odsuln" a počátky osídlovaní (Středokluky 2010-2011)

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Reinhold Gärtner
Annual review

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