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Austria's International Position after the End of the Cold War

Günter Bischof
Ferdinand Karlhofer

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Günter Bischof


Günter Bischof


Of Dwarfs and Giants from Cold War Mediator to Bad Boy of Europe Austria and the U.S. in the Transatlantic Arena (1990-2013)

Still Mediator? The End of the Cold War, the War, the War against Iraq, and the Breakup of Yugoslavia 1989-1995
Neutrality or NATOR? Austria’s Accession to the European Union and Role in the Kosovo Conflict 1995-2000
European Pariah? The Formation of ÖVP - FPÖ Coalition Government in 2000-2001
A Neutral Stuck in ‘Old Europe’? Terrorism and the Bush Wars (2001-2008)

Austrian foreign and security policy

Ursula Plassnik

On the Road to a Modern Identity: Austrian Foreign Policy from the Cold War to the European Union

The Point of Departure
From the Transitory EEA Experience to EU Accession
Neighbors Near and Far
Coming to Terms with the Past and Relations with Israel
From Hig to College: Austria as Member of the EU
The Service of the EU Presidency
Austria — Balkans — Europe
The Thorny Issue of Security Policy
A New International Identity?
How to Become Confident Europeans
Global Foreign Policy
Citizens’ Services ans New Partners: The New Foreign Ministry
New Topics in the Global Village
Concluding Remark
Emil Brix

Austrian Cultural and Public Diplomacy After the End of the Cold War

The New Position in Central Europe
The Institutional Expansion of Austrian Cultural Promotion Abroad
New Policy Priorities and Strategic Shifts
European Issues
A Difficult Return of the Past
Opening Public Diplomacy ti Global Issues
Cultural Diplomacy is More than an Image Transmitte
Erwin A. Schmidl

Austrian Security Policy after the End of the Cold War

Varying Concepts of Military Defense
EU Accession. “Neutrality Debate” and Looking Towards NATO
Continuing the Reforms
Participation in International Operations
Ongoing Debates
A View to the Future
James J. Sheehan

What Does It Mean To Be Neutral?

Postwar Austria from a Comparative Perspective

Neutrality and the Cold War
Neutrals and the Problem of International Organizations
Does Neutrality Have a Future?

Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Arnold Suppan

Austria and Eastern Europe in the Post-Cold War Context

Between the Opening of the Iron Curtain and a New Nation-Building Process in Eastern Europe

The Dissolution of Yugoslavia
Multiethnicity and Multiculturalism in Austria
Austria Under EU “Sanctions”
On the Way to NATO and EU
Hanspeter Neuhold

The Return of History in the Balkans after the Cold War: International Efforts at Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

The United Nations: Collective Security after the Cold War
NATO: An Alliance Surviving the “Loss” of its Enemy
The EU: The First Steps in the Areas of Security and Defense Policy
The OSCE: Variations on the Theme of “Softness”
Austria: A Permanently Neutral Balkan Activist
Andreas Resch

Austrian Foreign Trade and Austrian Companies’ Economic Engagement in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 1989

Historical preconditions - Austria and CEE since the 19th century
Foreign Direct Investment
Trade relations

Foreign policy and memory

Norman M. Naimark

Historical Memory and the Debate about the Vertreibung Museum

The Issue of Vertreibung (Forced Deportations)
Planning the Museum

Nontopical essays

Ferdinand Karlhofer

The Rise and Decline and Rise of Austria’s Radical Right

Party Formation with Nazi Veterans Taking the Lead
Vetween Pariah and Hinge Party
Populist Turn and Comeback of Right-wingers
Issues, Voters, ans Members
The Center Parties’ Response to the Populist Challenge
The FPO in Government and After-Failure without Collapse
Conclusions and Outlook: No Escape from the Vicious Circle?
Postscript: The Carinthia debacle, March 2013

Book reviews

David Schrift

The Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans from Postwar Czechovakia: A Review Essay

Adrian von Arburg, Tomas Stanek, et., Vysídlení Nĕmců a promĕny českého pohraniči 195-1951: dokumenty z českých archive; 1. Češi a Nĕmci do roko 1945: úvod k edici; 2.1. Duben - srpen/září 1945: "Divoky odsuln" a počátky osídlovaní (Středokluky 2010-2011)

Annual review

Reinhold Gärtner

Annual review

Austria 2012-2013

Elections in Carinthia, Lower Austria, Tyrol, and Salzburg
Referendum Compulsory Military Service vs. Professional Army
Government Reshuffle
Again: FPO and Antisemitism
Ernst Strasser and Uwe Scheuch
Waltz and Haneke
Economic and Statistical Data
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