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The Schüssel Era in Austria

Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

Book Reviews

Anton Pelinka, Hubert Sickinger, Karin Stögner, Kreisky, Haider: Bruchlinien österreichischer Identitäten (Vienna: Braumüller, 2008)

Steven Beller

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Bruno Kreisky and Jörg Haider would seem at first sight to be an odd pair to bracket in a book about Austrian identities. That is no doubt why the authors thought it necessary for the two essays in this volume—one by Karin Stögner on Kreisky, the other by Hubert Stickinger on Haider—to be connected by an introduction by Anton Pelinka. This introduction is, notably, not on Austrian identities but, rather, on “Austrian and Jewish identity.” As someone who has made the case that there is actually a very close, symbiotic relationship between these two identities (and I should declare here that Pelinka ends his introduction with an analysis of my views on this symbiosis), I find much that is praiseworthy in this book and think that the juxtaposition of Kreisky and Haider does open up interesting avenues for understanding postwar Austrian identity and politics. I also think, however, there are points where the book suffers from the flaws in Austrian identity formation that it purports to ...

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