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The Schüssel Era in Austria

Wolfgang Schüssel was a dominating actor in the Austrian political arena over a period of twenty years. He served as minister of economics (1989-1995), and vice chancellor and foreign minister (1995-2000) in ÖVP/SPÖ grand coalition governments. As chairman of the ÖVP (1995-2007), he brought his conservative party out of the political wilderness of opposition and playing junior partner in coalitions with the SPÖ. He dominated Austrian politics as chancellor (2000-2007) in a small coalition ...

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  • Publisher : innsbruck university press, University of New Orleans Press
  • Series : Contemporary Austrian Studies | 18
  • Place of publication : Innsbruck
  • Year of publication : 2010
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 29 septembre 2016
  • EAN (Print version) : 9783902719294
  • Electronic EAN : 9783903122437
  • Number of pages : 382 p.

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Fritz Plasser and Günter Bischof

Book Reviews

Evan Burr Bukey
Gerhard Botz, Nationalsozialismus in Wien: Machtübernahme, Herrschaftssicherung, Radikalisierung 1938/39 (Vienna: Mandelbaum Verlag, 2008)

Hans Petschar, Anschluss. “Ich hole Euch heim”: Der “Anschluss” Õsterreichs an das Deutsche Reich. Fotografie und Wochenschau im Dienst der NS-Propganda, Eine Bildchronologie (Vienna: Christian Brandstätter Verlag, 2008)

Annual Review

Reinhold Gärtner
Austria 2008

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