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Politische Philosophie versus Politische Theologie?

Wolfgang Palaver
Andreas Oberprantacher
Dietmar Regensburger

II. Die Frage der politischen Theologie

Anabaptist-Mennonite Political Theology II: Historical Manifestations and Observations

A. James Reimer

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This is part of a longer study in political theology, on the significance of public law and civil institutions for Christian theology, from the perspective of the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition, which has historically for the most part been suspicious of such institutions. This longer work is divided into three parts: Part One: theological presuppositions (Trinitarian and biblical)1; Part Two: historical manifestations (Constantinian, Medieval, Reformation, Modern); and Part Three: the contemporary debate. In this essay I concentrate on the first of the historical manifestations of political theology: the Constantinian one, with some discussion of the Medieval, Reformation and Modern periods.

For mainstream Christianity the positive role of law and civil institutions has been virtually unquestioned since the fourth century. Only with the collapse of the notion of “Christendom” in the modern period, and now more intensively with the end of the so-called “modern paradigm” a...

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