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From Empire to Republic

Peter Berger
Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

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Wolfgang Schüssel with Alexander Purger, Offengelgt

Salzburg: Ecowin, 2009

Reinhard Heinisch

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Estratto del testo

Wolfgang Schüssel’s memoir of his time at the helm of the Austrian Conservative Party (ÖVP) is sure to disappoint. Offengelegt [lit.: Laid out in the Open] does very little of what the title tantalizingly suggests. The somewhat turgid prose reads more like an episodic transcription of a long interview. No great secrets are revealed, no scores are settled, and no major new insights are provided into the soul of Austria’s arguably most successful and powerful political figure since Bruno Kreisky. In its rather simple style, the book takes us from event to event introducing us to Schüssel’s actions and thoughts in third person, thereby presenting the former Chancellor not so much in a glowing light but as a straightforward and humble man. His passions are soccer, hiking, and the cello, writing amusing tales along with illustrating children’s books, not to mention the crossword puzzles, skiing, and the headphone piano. Instead of important revelations, we are offered a nugget of detail ...

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