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From Empire to Republic

Peter Berger
Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

Coda: A Twentieth Century Family

The Lost and Saved: A Memoir of the Persecution of Jews in Vienna and Budapest

Peter Berger

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It is the year 2008. Edith H., daughter of the retired real estate agent Walter H., graduate of the Lycée Français in Vienna and managing director of a well-known international nonprofit company, enters a skiing hut in Carinthia. Sitting at the table of the small inn she notices a distant acquaintance of hers, a clerk whose bank occasionally donates money for charitable causes. The man cannot remember the woman who has just entered, but greets her in a friendly enough way and asks for her family name. “Oh, you must be a relative of the artist André H., the SAUJUDEN,” he replies to Edith’s introduction. Edith is completely taken aback. “It is true that my father is Jewish, but his name is Walter,” she finally answers.

Walter H. is the youngest of the three sons of Andor (Aaron) H., who was born in Eger/Erlau in the Kingdom of Hungary in 1888. As a child, Andor undergoes a strict religious education; he wears ear locks and a skullcap, visits the temple regularly and is going to do so i...

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