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From Empire to Republic

Peter Berger
Günter Bischof
Fritz Plasser

II. Costs of War: Social/Mental/Cultural Legacies

Pan-Germanism after Empire: Austrian “Germandom” at Home and Abroad

Julie Thorpe

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In June 1937, the Benedictine historian and professor at the University of Graz, Hugo Hantsch, addressed dignitaries of the government and Catholic Church on the occasion of the St Boniface Day celebrations in Vienna. Hantsch was also chairman of the Austrian Association for Germandom Work Abroad (Österreichischer Verband für volksdeutsche Auslandsarbeit), which had been founded in 1934 by the Austrofascist state’s Fatherland Front to foster relations with German minorities outside of Austria. In his opening remarks, Hantsch noted that this was the second Boniface Day he had organized under the umbrella of the ÖVVA and he explained why he had chosen to appropriate the legacy of Boniface for the work of “Germandom” abroad. Firstly, the very existence of the Auslandsdeutsche was due to the missionary work of St. Boniface, who had woken the German lands from “a slumbering Christendom”; secondly, because if the ÖVVA and its supporters did not continue Boniface’s mission to the German-sp...

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