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Afrika – Kontinent der Extreme

Andreas Exenberger

Abstracts of the Contributions in English

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Sabine Fick: Securing of Maat and Realpolitik: The Two Realities of the Pharao’s Power

From ancient Egyptian history, evidence describing events and domestic or international affairs has survived, which is conveying two rather contrary images respectively. One group of sources is seemingly depicting a historical event, the other not. But those accounts retrospectively to be regarded as fictional are not to be simply denoted as propaganda. Rather, these fictional reports are telling about the fulfilment of a divine duty. Endowed with power by the highest god, the pharao’s primary business was to erect the maat und to realize it in the world of humans. Part of this duty was to adequately supply the population and to repel all non-Egyptians, who were potentially endangering the maat. Thus, official reports were always oriented along the principles of the maat. This proceeding rested on the faith that the highest god has entrusted the pharao, his direct descendant and son, with his Creat...

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