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Afrika – Kontinent der Extreme

Andreas Exenberger

2. Gegenwart(en)

to turn from warfare to the arts of peace”1: Makanna as Antidote to Xenophobic Violence?

Adrian Knapp

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Modernity is both political democracy and global warfare, the possibility of feminism and the reality of women’s degradation, the fact of imperialism and the value of human commerce across frontiers. … Everything in such a state, as Marx comments, seems pregnant with its opposite, so that irony, oxymoron, chiasmus, ambivalence, aporia, seem the only suitable figures for capturing its logic.2


“[Ernesto] Nhamuave came to South Africa to earn money for his poverty-stricken family, but he was caught up in the xenophobic violence that swept the country in 2008 and claimed the lives of 62 people. He was murdered by a rampaging mob in Ramaphosa township on the East Rand, his body burned beyond recognition. It took two weeks before anyone even knew Nhamuave’s name.”3

The story of “the burning man” perhaps best illustrates the vicious nature of the xenophobic violence that swept across South Africa in May 2008, leaving “62 people dead, more than 100,000 displaced and millions of ra...


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