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Afrika – Kontinent der Extreme

Andreas Exenberger

2. Gegenwart(en)

The Tragedy of Nigerian Society

Stefan Salomon

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Africa’s most populous nation reflects the diversity of the whole continent quite well. Over 350 different ethnic groups exist in Nigeria, roughly 400 different languages and dialects are spoken; besides the two dominant religions, Islam and Christianity, numerous traditional African religions are practiced. Despite the absence of valid figures, the population definitely exceeds 140 millions with a growth rate of 63% in the last fifteen years.1 Nigeria is also the continent’s number one oil producer, also providing enormous agricultural potential and vast natural resources. The country’s population should live in prosperity, but instead over 70% live on less than two dollars a day with hardly any jobs available, in particular for the youth.

The troubled Niger delta region in the south, where particularly young people have taken arms to fight against the government and international oil companies, is not Nigeria’s only hot spot. Since the end of the military regime in 1999...

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