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The series IRHiS

1er octobre 2012

In 1987 many works were promised for the bi-centenary of the French Revolution, including a Research Guide, result of a collaborative work with the departmental archives of the North and the “Pas-de-Calais” [no. 1 – Guide de Recherches sur la Révolution française Nord–Pas-de-Calais, 1987]. At that time the supply of publications was limited, so that we created this collection. This first volume was the beginning of the collection, followed by four other volumes on the Revolution (no. 2-5).

Then all other periods were treated and many workshops works have been published. Some titles are editions of annotated texts [no. 16 – Jean-Pierre Jessenne, Edna Hindie Lemay (éds), Député-paysan et fermière de Flandre en 1789. La correspondance des Lepoutre, 1998; no. 21 – Martine Aubry (éd.), 4000 Bourgeois de Lille au XIVe siècle. Le premier registre aux bourgeois (1291-1355). Édition et commentaire, 1999; no. 32 – Jean-Marc Guislin (éd.), Un ministre artésien dans la crise du 16 Mai. La correspondance entre Auguste et Lucie Paris (16 mai-23 novembre 1877)…].

A number of books is written in collaboration with other partners (universities, institutes, research centres, museums...) [no. 33, 38, 43: Publications of the workshops conducted in partnership with the City Hall and the Museum of the Resistance in Bondues; no. 40: with the University of Tours…].

Today, the collection includes some sixty volumes published.