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Les ressources minérales profondes en Polynésie française / Deep-sea mineral resources in French Polynesia

Pierre-Yves Le Meur
Pierre Cochonat
Carine David
et al.

II. Recommendations

R4. Organise governance at a sufficiently early stage and with the participation of all stakeholders

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1While developing the information system and acquiring new data (R1 and R2), it is also necessary to organise very early on the mechanisms for disseminating information and consulting with and involving local populations, following a ‘free, prior and informed consent’ approach. It is important to take advantage of the fact that this will take place prior to any operations. This means that potential conflicts can be anticipated and addressed as the public policy and participatory governance are defined and implemented. It requires a multi-directional educational effort combining information and awareness-raising in order to garner the opinions, expectations and concerns of residents with regard to institutions and industries.


2The governance mechanisms must be designed and implemented early on, as the research efforts are getting underway, but their development and monitoring must be oriented towards the medium and long term of the mining projects and public policies.

Proposed actions

  • Work on the format and content of the information on deep-sea mining policy issues that will be disseminated (cultural translation).
  • Identify the stakeholders directly or indirectly involved (NGOs, local organisations, traditional authorities, etc.) while taking territorial fragmentation into account.
  • Identify social groups and arenas that may be mobilised (town halls, cultural associations, churches, etc.) before creating any new fora.
  • Identify local issues, potential conflicts over uses and sites of value to stake-holders; conduct an investigation prior to any negotiations of the possibility of mining development, then do the necessary follow-up work (the “social licence to operate” must be obtained).
  • Conduct a complete overhaul of the mining code, which is still in its earliest stages, to dovetail it with constraints stemming from environmental law; as part of this initiative, close attention should be paid to the highly sensitive nature of land affairs in French Polynesia. With this in mind, it is important to incorporate the lessons learned by neighbouring countries and international best practices.

Constraints and conditions


Connections with other recommendations

4R4 follows on immediately from R3 (initial consultations) and is closely linked to R9 (monitoring and evaluation mechanisms).

Reference to full contributions

5II-1, II-4, II-5, II-6; IV-4

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