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La ruée vers l’or rose

Sophie Goedefroit
Christian Chaboud
Yvan Breton


The ’shrimp rush’A multiple focus on traditional shrimp fishing in Madagascar

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The ’shrimp rush’A multiple focus on traditional shrimp fishing in Madagascar

1Traditional shrimp fishing in Madagascar is a major political and socioeconomic issue in the country today, and also a scientific subject of great interest for the social sciences. This interest results from both its internal characteristics and its complex relations with the other components of prawn fishing and also from the conditions of its integration in the socioeconomic systems of the coastal regions.

2This book is the fruit of collaboration between numerous researchers in various disciplines (anthropologists, economists and sociologists) and of various origins (Canadian, French and Madagascan). It examines traditional fishing and its growth at different levels and according to various determinants (economic, political, ecological, religious, etc.) which, far from being mutually exclusive, complete each other for better comprehension of the dynamics and changes in progress.

3The research presented here calls into question the vision of archaic artisanal fishing doomed to disappear in time or be taken over by more modern forms of operation. The history of shrimp fishing over the past 30 years shows its strong capacity for change: institutional and social (the growing role played by associations, the adaptation of traditional powers), economic (growing opening to domestic and international markets) and technological (the use of new fishing techniques).

4It is also shown that the growth and development of this activity are not based solely on internal factors or on ecological or technical determinism. Traditional fishing is closely involved in the changes and adjustments experienced by the coastal communities and socioeconomic systems. Like other ’pioneer’ activities such as the mining of precious stones, it has a catalysing effect on certain major contemporary phenomena (migration and the development of a market economy), increasing its value as an example and broadening the relevance of the conclusions of the book.

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