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Quelles aires protégées pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest ?

Anne Fournier
Brice Sinsin
Guy Apollinaire Mensah

Abstracts of the communications

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1(P) paper, (A) abstract only

2Dietary patterns and habitat of the Grimm’s duiker, Sylvicapra grimmia in Benin, (P)
Abdoul Razack Adjibi Oualiou, Jean Claude Codjia, Guy Apollinaire Mensah

3The distribution of protected areas and conservation of flora in the republic of Benin, (P)
Aristide Adomou, Hounnankpon Yedomonhan, Brice Sinsin, Laurentius Josephus and Gerardus Van Der Maesen

4The problem of invasive plants in protected areas. Chromolaena odorata in the regeneration process of the dense, semi-deciduous forest of Lama in Benin, (A)
Pierre Onodjè Agbani, Brice Sinsin

5Regulations, a management tool for protected areas that are poorly used. A case study of Togo. (A)
Dzogbedo Agbényo

6The conservation of the hippopotamus in village lands. The wetlands of the Mono (Benin), (A)
Jacob Agossevi

7The ecological center of the project for the improvement of the forest blocks of Agoua, Mont Koufé and Wari-Maro. (A)
Élie Ahokpé

8Dietary patterns and use of space by elephants in protected areas. Case study of the hunting preserve of the Djona (Benin), (P)
Safouratou Alfa Gambari Imorou, Brice Sinsin

9The hippopotamus in the wetlands of southern Benin, (A)
Gautier Amossou, Guy Apollinaire Mensah, Brice Sinsin

10Exploitation of the biological resources and vegetation dynamics in the classified forest of the Upper Alibori in Benin (sector of the Arrondissement of Bagou), (A)
Ousséni Arouna, Brice Sinsin

11The populations of endangered primates in the Lokoli forest of Benin, (P)
Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Brice Sinsin

12The Biolama Project: the conservation of the biodiversity of the classified forest of Lama in Benin. The arthropods, (A)
Serge Attignon, Thibault Lachat, Brice Sinsin, Peter Nagel, Ralf Peveling

13Eco-ethological study of the Ciconia nigra in Burkina Faso, (P)
François Baillon, Damien Chevallier

14Protection and integrated management of the sahelian humid zones in Mauritania. Lakes Aleg and Mâl (Brakna), (P)
Aziz Ballouche, Mohamed Lemine Ould Baba, Aude Nuscia Taïbi, Gérard Moguedet

15Local democracy, participative management and anthropology. A case study of the Aïr-Tenere Reserve (Niger), (P)
André Bourgeot

16Epidemio-surveillance of rinderpest in the democratic republic of the Congo.Blood samples from buffaloes in the national park of the Garamba, (A)
Pierre Boyzibu Ekhassa

17Sahelo-saharan wildlife diversity in the area of the Termit mountains in Niger. Towards a new protected area? (P)
Françoise Claro, Bernard Faye, Jérôme Tubiana, Céline Sissler, Eric Pellé

18The habitat of the wart-hog (Phacochoerus africanus) in the classified forest of Three Rivers in Benin, (P)
Jean Claude Codjia, Marius Rodrigue Mensah Ekué, Salif Condé

19Karyological data on the rodents of the classified forest of Lama, (Benin)
Is-Haquou Hughes Daouda, Guy Apollinaire Mensah (A)

20Involvement of local residents in the management of the National Park of the Saloum Delta in Senegal, (A)
Bakary Diobate

21Degradation of the Fathala forest in the national park of the Saloum Delta (Senegal), (A)
Djibril Diouck, Léonard Elie Akpo

22Floristic structure and composition of the classified forest of Lama (Benin), (P)
Julien Gaudence Djego, Brice Sinsin

23Pastoral spaces and the environment in northern Benin. Evolution of modes of pastoral resource management in Alibori and Borgou, (A)
André Jonas Djenontin, Moutaharou Amidou, Mohamed Nasser Baco

24Pressure on the natural vegetal resources in protected areas. A case study of the forest complex of mount Kouffé and Wari-Maro in the republic of Benin, (A)
Laurent Djodjouwin, Brice Sinsin

25Riverain communities and the management of the swamp forest of Lokoli in southern Benin, (P)
Patricia Egboou, Roch Mongbo, Anne Floquet

26The diet of the bush pig (Potamochoerus porcus) in the classified forest of Lama (Benin). (A)
Marius Rodrigue Mensah Ekué, Jean Claude Codjia, Oliver Famkem Zepou

27Village organizations for natural resource management in the transborder reserve of the W in Benin, (P)
Azizou El-Hadj Issa, Paul Ouedraogo, Bernard Asséréou Amadou

28Influence of the first rains on the distribution of the large mammals, (A)
Gérard Galat, Anh Galat-Luong, Benjamin Lavocat

29Influence of anthropization on the distribution of the large wildlife. The mangroves, a refuge environment, (A)
Ahn Galat-Luong, Gérard Galat

30The proximity of protected areas and the perception of tourism and the exploitation of wildlife by the local inhabitants, (P)
Anh Galat-Luong, Gérard Galat

31Introducing the protected area: a brochure and a guide for visitors, decision-makers and residents, (A)
Gérard Galat, Anh Galat-Luong

32Poverty, community and State: understanding the strategic challenges for a better management of protected areas in Benin, (A)
Albert Honloukou

33Wildlife management in the protected areas of Northern Benin, (A)
Dolores Mireille Houénou Agassounon, Sanni-Yo Doko Allou, Nestor Sopkon

34The dynamics of classified forests in the area of mid-Ouémé in Benin. Kétou, Dogo and Ouémé-Boukou, (P)
Cossi Jean Houndagba, Agossou Brice Hugues Tente, Raoul Guedou

35The search for solutions following conflicts around protected areas in Togo, (A)
Koffi Hounkpe

36The method of “transect-points” as applied to the counts of large mammals in the dense semi-deciduous forest of Lama (Benin), (A)
Barthélémy Kassa, Brice Sinsin

37Characteristics of the habitat of the red-bellied monkey (Cercopithecus e. erythrogaster) in southern Benin (P)
Bernard Kassa, Georges Nobimè, Laurence Hanon,

38Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Brice Sinsin Sports hunting in Benin. An assessment after ten years (1990-2000), (P)
Ferdinand Claude Kidjo, Théophile Sinadouwirou, Jean Yehouenou-Tessi

39Use of three protected areas for extensive herding in western Burkina Faso, (P)
Sébastien Kiéma, Anne Fournier

40Endogenous wildlife conservation measures. The case of the crocodiles of Benin, (P)
Gnanki Nathalie Kpera, Brice Sinsin, Guy Apollinaire Mensah

41The diversity of rodent populations in Burkina Faso, (P)
Mathias Kyelem, Jean-Claude Gautun

42Primates and ecotourism in the Cross River national park (Nigeria), (A)
Akeem Gbolagade Lameed

43Integrating research on the moist forest in the management of protected areas. The case of the wildlife sanctuary of the island of Tiwai, (A)
Aiah Lebbie, Abdulai Barrie, Abdulai Feika

44The NGO Alliance Niger Nature and the participative management of protected areas in Niger. The national park W and the national nature reserve of the Aïr-Ténéré, (A)
Saïdou Mahaman

45The elephants of Alfakoara in Benin. Cohabitation with the rural riverain populations of the Djona, (A)
Adi Mama, Brice Sinsin

46Contribution of remote sensing for the management of protected areas in West Africa, (P)
Philippe Mayaux, Hugh Eva, Ilaria Palumbo, Jean-Marie Grégoire, Anne Fournier, Louis Sawadogo

47The participative management of protected areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature, (A)
Jean-Baptiste Mena Wa Mena

48Monetary revenues provided by the exploitation of the village forest of Lokoli (Benin) (A)
Ahoudokpo Robert Missikpode and Brice Sinsin

49Is the vegetation of the riverain forests of protected areas of Benin more diverse than that of spaces that are not protected? (A)
Armand Natta, Brice Sinsin, Laurentius Josephus Gerardus van der Maesen

50The diversity of primates in the classified forest of Lama (Benin), (A)
Georges Nobimé, Brice Sinsin

51The potential diversity of the population of rodents in the regional park W (Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger), (P)
Adamou Nomao, Jean-Claude Gautun

52The participation of riverain communities in the management of natural resources. The forest zone of southeastern Cameroon, (A)
Paul Noupa

53Floristic inventories of the Bafing wildlife reserve of Mali, (A)
Ntio Nyamali

54Eco-ethology of the porcupine (Hystrix cristata) and the development of a referential for raising it in captivity, (A)
Bernard Oussou, Guy Apollinaire Mensah, Brice Sinsin

55A research program on the entomology of the protected areas of Benin, (A)
Armand Paraïso, Agnés Thomas-Odjo

56Epizooties, contamination of wildlife threatened by domestic animals, (A)
Philippe Rey-Herme

57Use of the natural resources by the riverain populations and environmental degradation in the hunting preserve of the Djona, (A)
Abdou Rachidi Saliou, Brice Sinsin:

58The participation of the Pygmy people in the conservation of the national park of Kahuzi-Biega (democratic republic of the Congo), (P)
Chantal Shalukoma

59Biomonitoring of habitats and endangered species. Contribution of research to the interpretation of protected areas, (A)
Brice Sinsin

60Ecotourist potential of protected areas in the republic of Benin. The sites of Agbassa, the Kouffé mountains and mount Soubakpérou, (A)
Brice Sinsin, Laurent Djodjouwin

61Fire, a management tool for natural rangelands. Experiments in the Sudano-guinean zone of Benin, (A)
Brice Sinsin, Oscar Tèka, Gaston Hounguè, Adi Mama

62Specific composition and structure of the ligneous vegetation of the Pendjari national park and its buffer zone in northwestern Benin (A)
Nestor Sokpon, Samadori Honoré Biaou, Christine Ouinsavi, Ousman Hunhyet, Orou Gaoué

63The impact of the immigration of farmers around protected areas. A case study of the riverain villages around the classified forest of Wari-Maro (Benin), (A)
Boni Sounon Bouko, Brice Sinsin

64Some reflections on participative management of protected areas for a better conservation of biodiversity in Togo, (A)
Thiou Tanzidani Komlan Tchamié

65The abundance and diversity of the large mammals in the Biosphere Reserve of the Pendjari (Benin), (A)
Aristide Tehou

66The degradation and erosion of the slopes of the Atacora mountains outside the Pendjari biosphere reserve (Benin), (A)
Agossou Brice Hugues Tente, Brice Sinsin

67Priorities for the conservation of wetlands in Africa, (A)
Anada Tiega

68Local institutions and the management of natural resources. The case of the fluvio-lacustrine complex of Agonvé in Benin, (P)
Peggy Tohinlo, Roch L. Mongbo, Anne Floquet

69The phenomena of erosion and natural collapse of soils (“dongas”) in the national park W and their impact on vegetal regeneration, (A)
Ismaïla Toko Imorou, Brice Sinsin

70Progressive occupation of the land around the classified forest of Three Rivers. The areas of Bessassi, Lou and Nassikonsi (Commune of Kalalé, Benin) between 1949 and 1986 (P)
Inoussa Toko Mouhamadou, André Ozer

71Typology of systems of land use and a prognosis for the sustainable management of the periphery of the national park of Taï in Ivory Coast,(A)
Jérôme Ebagnerin Tondoh, Vincent Miller

72The national fund for desertification control comes to the assistance of protected areas of Benin, (A)
Christophe Tossou Cocou

73Relations between wildlife and herders in the Sahara. The case of the Teda-Daza of the Termit mountains and the Ayar (eastern Niger), (P)
Jérôme Tubiana

74The impact of pasturing domestic animals on the vegetation of the Djoudj national bird sanctuary in Senegal, (A)
Jean-Chrysostome Usengumuremyi, Alexandre Ickowicz, Ibra Toure

75The geological substratum and the sharing of land in southern Chad. The region of lakes Léré and Tréné and the Binder Nayri wildlife reserve, (P)
Max Vidal, Manoli Nontanovanh, Jean-Louis Devineau, Jean-Claude Doumnang, André Pouclet

76The conservation of Afzelia Africana and Pterocarpus erinaceus wooded savannas in the Atacora mountains (northern Benin), (A)
Kperkouma Wala, Brice Sinsin, Karen Hahn-Hadjalia, Koffi Akpagana

77Ecotourism in a forest zone. The case of the classified forest of Lama in Benin, (P)
Nadine Worou, Brice Sinsin

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