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Substances naturelles en Polynésie française

Jean Guezennec
Christian Moretti
Jean-Christophe Simon

Part one. Synopsis and Recommendations

Annex 5. Monitoring committee

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1Head of monitoring committee: the Research Commission of the govern­ment of French Polynesia.

Panel members

2Representatives of the following organisations:

3IRD centre in Papeete

4Oceanologic Center of the Pacific/Ifremer

5Investment Promotion Authority

6Environment Division

7EPIC Vanille

8Institut Louis-Malardé

9Gepsun “Natural Substances process engineering” technology platform (cf. Abbreviations)

10Fisheries Division

11Economic Affairs Division

12External Trade Division

13Development of Industry and the Trades Division

14Rural Development Department

15Plan and Forecast Economic Division

16University of French Polynesia, natural substance research laboratory

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