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Migrants des Suds

Virginie Baby-Collin
Geneviève Cortes
Laurent Faret
et al.


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Extrait du texte

Border space and transnational social spaces between Mexico and the United States

Cristóbal Mendoza

Cristóbal chapter focuses on the role of space and places to interpret and understand the migratory processes as part of a debate which remains largely to be led, particularly in the demographic literature. The theoretical discussion about space, which involved in several cases a negation of it, has been improved during the last decade with the empirical studies carried out in the anthropology and sociology of transnationalism. Actually, although anthropological approaches prefer the concept of «community», not bounded by precise territorial limits otherwise defined as a set of social relationships and common identities, a wide majority of the empirical studies focuses on concrete places, situated in different nation-states and specifically characterized. More especially, this chapter addresses the question of the border space in the construction of trajectories and migration spaces in ...

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