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Lutte contre le trachome en Afrique subsaharienne

Anne-Marie Moulin
Jeanne Orfila
Doulaye Sacko
et al.

Part One. Synopsis and recommendations. English Version


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1The coordination team would like to warmly thank Marianne Berthod who directed this expert group review, and members of the Consulting and Industrial Relations Department, as well as the IRD departments concerned in Paris, Joseph Brunet-Jailly, the IRD representative in Mali and the members of the IRD center in Bamako, who have all helped with setting up the review and ensuring that it functions well.

2The team also thanks the many scientists who, at different times, have generously contributed information, advice and criticism, and in particular:

  • Jean-Paul Duchemin, geographer,
  • Mamadou Diawara, sociologist, Points-Sud, Bamako and the university of Athens, Georgia,
  • Yannick Jaffré, anthropologist, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Marseille,
  • Catherine Rollet, historian, university of Saint-Quentin, Paris,
  • Laurence Touré, MSF anthropologist, Bamako,
  • Susan Watts, anthropologist, Social Research Center, American university of Cairo.

3The team thanks all the readers who have reviewed all or some of the texts at various times in their preparation.

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