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Introductory note

p. 5-6

Texte intégral

1In 2017, IRD launched a pilot project to identify and analyse the impact of its research on societies in the Global South. The chosen approach was based on ex-post, i.e. “after the fact”, case studies.

2The studies selected for this project are representative of the IRD’s major scientific fields of expertise, with sustainable development as an underlying issue and partnership-based research as the approach used. These impact analyses were inspired by methodological approaches developed in the agricultural research field by Inrae (Asirpa) and Cirad (Impress). These studies were chosen for their proven impacts in relation to research activities conducted by IRD and its partners, which have been reported by the scientific community.

3Within this general framework, the investigative work consisted in identifying the various stakeholders and elements involved, and highlighting the interactions that contributed to the transition from research to societal impact. This article examines the context, the stakeholders’ contributions to the research, the research products, the parties who created the conditions for the appropriation and transformation of the research outcomes, and the impacts generated.

4The “impact pathway” mapped out in this way and the associated “timeline” are key instruments for characterising stakeholder networks and the processes that generate impacts. These stakeholders are divided into broad categories: political, institutional, environmental, economic, social health, educational, cultural, capacity-building, and academic.

5Each impact identified and described has been documented on the basis of interviews with stakeholders who contributed to the impact pathway.

6To find out more about the approach used for these studies, you can consult the methodological guide in the Multidimensional impact analysis of research and resulting innovation on development in the global South (Miriades) published in the “Chemins d’impacts” collection.

7Thank you to everyone who has helped to forge closer links between research and society, and to highlight the diversity of these reciprocal contributions.

8Research evaluation and programming mission

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