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Eaux, pauvreté et crises sociales

Habib Ayeb
Thierry Ruf

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Land Center for Human Rights

Karam Saber

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Why Land Center for Human Rights?

1The farmers’ issue represents a new and very important dimension for the Human Rights movement in Egypt for several reasons.

  • The inadequacy of a legislative structure to protect agrarian laborers. In consequence, they are exposed to daily violations. The main targeted categories are women, children and permanent or seasonal agrarian laborers.
  • The widening gap between urban and rural Egypt, especially in the services. Thus, a wide category of people are exposed to excessive violations due to the deteriorating economic and social conditions.
  • Giving attention to the farmers’ rights and the agrarian sector in Egypt underlying the new policies of liberating the markets and studying how that affects their lives and the agronomical economy.
  • The violations that the female rural laborers are exposed to domestically or at work or due to the deteriorating social conditions in general.
  • The increasing phenomenon of child labor in Egypt and of the rate of illiteracy.

LCHR’s fields of work

  • The conditions of permanent and temporary agrarian laborers, especially those relating to contracts, vacations and regulations of their rights and duties.
  • Providing legal aid to the farmers’ associations, unions and syndicates.
  • Enabling female agrarian laborers to face the violations that she is exposed to due to her sex or social role.
  • Farmers’ health-care and social insurance programs.
  • Defending the agronomical environment against the hazards of pollution and alerting the farmers with this issue.
  • Combating the increasing phenomenon of child labor.

The Center’s objectives

  • Participate in improving the agrarian laborers’ economic and social conditions in rural Egypt.
  • To develop and provoke the rural citizens’ minds about the human rights’ culture and about their own rights.
  • Encouraging mutual work between NGOs to enforce values such as, democracy, human rights, economic, social and cultural rights, etc.
  • Formulating the economic reform program in Egypt to guarantee the farmers’ rights and give them a secure labor atmosphere.
  • Exposing the real needs of the poor categories in Egypt and enabling these categories in the decision-making process.

The Center’s mechanism

  • Providing legal aid against any violations of the agrarian laborers’ economic, social and civil rights.
  • Issuing reports and studies to uncover the violations done against the farmers in rural Egypt.
  • Holding training courses and publishing brochures to raise the awareness of the rural citizens of the causes related to them.
  • Forming a network of activists and volunteers to develop the national labor in the human rights’ arena.
  • Seeking strong relations and bonds with international and local institutions concerned with the arena of development and human rights.
  • Holding symposiums and workshops to discuss the issues related to the farmers’ political, social, cultural and environmental conditions.


Land Center for Human Rights is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization Le Caire – Égypte

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