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Composing Worlds with Elephants

Interdisciplinary dialogues

Composing Worlds with Elephants is an interdisciplinary dialogue exploring the historical, social, and ecological entanglement of humans and elephants, a thousands of years old interspecies connection that is multi-dimensional, ambivalent, and always changing.

Focusing largely on elephants and peoples across Asia, the research in this volume addresses key issues in the study of their relationship including: dimensions of co-existence, cultures of elephant husbandry, and animal agency. ...

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  • Publisher : IRD Éditions
  • Series : Mondes vivants
  • Place of publication : Marseille
  • Year of publication : 2023
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 05 janvier 2024
  • EAN (Print version) : 978-2-7099-2993-6
  • Electronic EAN : 978-2-7099-2995-0
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.irdeditions.47183
  • Number of pages : 344 p.
Vivek Menon

Part 1. Wild relations, wild individuals, wild affects

Sayan Banerjee and Anindya Sinha
Chapter 1. Political and affective ecologies of human-elephant relations

A gendered perspective

Elizabeth Oriel and Toni Frohoff
Chapter 2. Affective ecologies in Sri Lanka

Farmers’ experiences of relational dialogues amidst elephants in cultivated fields

Nishant M. Srinivasaiah and Anindya Sinha
Chapter 3. The Outliers

Reimagining human-elephant relation in rurban South India

Lauren A. Evans and Redempta Njeri Nduguta
Chapter 4. The implications of being a “problem” elephant

Artistic interlude 1

Shubhra Nayar and Paul G. Keil
“Lantana elephants”

Part 2. Living with elephants. 1. From deep history to future imaginaries

Srikumar M. Menon and Anindya Sinha
Chapter 6. Tusks of wisdom

The elephant in the Buddhist art of Kanaganahalli, southern India

Teckwyn Lim
Chapter 7. From the mouth of the Mahout

A review of elephant command words

Jacob Shell
Chapter 8. Mahuto-futurism

Human-elephant cohabitation in the ecumenopolis

Part 3. Living with elephants. 2. Mahoutship

Nicolas Lainé
Chapter 9. Laotian mahouts and elephants

Glimpses into a multispecies system of medicine and care

Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan and Anindya Sinha
Chapter 10. Nāgādhyakshaçaritha

Elephant-mahout relationships in two communities of southern India

Jennifer A. H. Crawley
Chapter 11. Mahout-elephant relationships

A review of the literature

Paul G. Keil
Chapter 12. Musth as a biosocial event

How musth disrupts the relational dynamics of a human-elephant community in Assam

Artistic interlude 3

Deborah Schrijvers
Cemetery: multispecies intimacies and extinction

Part 4. Thinking with elephants

Khatijah Rahmat
Chapter 13. Time and the elephant

Temporality as attunement with more-than-human others

Anandi Gandhi
Chapter 14. Elephant-farmer coexistence

Multiple methods

Hannah S. Mumby
Chapter 16. Widening the lens

Relationships and interactions between humans and elephants in behavioural ecology studies

Nigel Rothfels


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