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The Transformation of Research in the South

Rigas Arvanitis
David O’Brien


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1Conference Committee : Rigas Arvanitis, Colleen Duggan and David O’Brien.

2Organizational and financial support for the conference and for the publication of this book was provided by :

  • Centre Population et Développement (Ceped) (IRD & Univ. Paris Descartes), France
  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
  • Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), France
  • Institut Francilien Recherche-Innovation-Société (IFRIS), France
  • OECD Development Centre

3The Conference Committee would like to extend appreciation to the following people for their contributions to the organization of the conference : Yanuar Nugroho, Indonesian Government ; Phillipe Larédo, IFRIS ; Jean-Marc Châtaigner, IRD ; Ann Weston, Trish Wind and Gussai Sheikheldin, IDRC ; Mario Pezzini, Dominique Guéllec, Federico Bonaglia, Myriam Grégoire-Zawilski, OECD ; and Georgia Prountzou, IFRIS. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the contribution of Michael Graham who worked with all the authors to format and edit their conference papers and presentations to adhere to a common format.

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