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The Transformation of Research in the South

Rigas Arvanitis
David O’Brien

Table des matières

Jean Lebel et Jean-Paul Moatti


Jean Lebel et Jean-Paul Moatti


Rigas Arvanitis et Sari Hanafi

Research policy in Arab countries

International cooperation, competitive calls, and career incentives

Ana Pereyra et Solange Martinez Demarco

Instruments shaping policy design

Sectoral Funds and Argentina Innovadora 2020

Leonardo Costa Ribeiro, Leandro Alves Silva, Márcia Siqueira Rapini et al.

Mapping international knowledge flows

Three dimensions for a framework to evaluate transnational cooperation in research

Bernard Hubert, Roberto Cittadini et Claudio Carvalho

When the South comes to the North

Brazil’s and Argentina’s international collaboration in agricultural and environmental research in France

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