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Agriculture biologique en Martinique

Martine François
Roland Moreau
Bertil Sylvander

Part One. Synopsis and recommendations. English Version


Claude Lise

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1Genuinely sustainable, solidarity-based development has now become a global imperative.This imperative naturally concerns society in Martinique, and we are duty bound to stimulate the discussion and action it implies.

2The Conseil Général of Martinique intends to make a full contribution to this process.

3I therefore decided that the Conseil Général should implement an Agenda 21 for the Department as from 2005, to foster an approach to problems that combines economic efficiency, social balance and resource conservation.

4The Conseil Général already has a number of operations underway to stimulate sustainable development in Martinique. Witness, for example, its water resource management policy and the organic farming research conducted at its experimental station on irrigated cropping (SECI).

5The Conseil Général was therefore well placed to commission an expert group review from the IRD – this document being the panel's report. The purpose of the study was to provide scientific information as to the suitability of widespread adoption of organic farming in Martinique – an issue that is currently in public debate on the island.

6The experts considered the question from numerous angles including agronomy, economics, sociology and public health.

7In the light of their report, it seems that there are prospects in a certain number of product sectors, although it will be essential to take into account the limitations inherent in any new venture.

8For my part, I hope all stakeholders concerned will benefit from reading this report.

9It is, in any case, a further illustration of the Conseil Général's determination to endow Martinique with the necessary resources to effectively confront some of the main challenges facing society as the 21st century gets under way.


Senator for Martinique – President of the Conseil général

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