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Hà Nội, a Metropolis in the Making

Sylvie Fanchette

Part Two. The 2000s: Raising Hà Nội to the rank of metropolis

Chapter 7. Peri-urban villages: unequal access to land for construction

S. Fanchette, J. Segard, Nguyễn Văn Sửu et Trần Nhật Kiên

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In the Red River Delta, a process of very active in situ urbanisation is linked to very high densities of population and to the diversification of activities associated with wet rice farming, occupying a large workforce. In the densely populated peri-urban area – more than 2,000 inhabitants per km2 (see Chapter 8) and multi-activity –, village pressure on land is growing. Owing to urbanised extended families no longer living together and the arrival of migrants, demand for residential land is rising (residential density in the villages of the periurban district of Hoài Ðức was 166 inhabitants per hectare in 2009, a density of urban levels).

Similarly, artisans and traders, since the integration of the country into the market economy, make increasing demands to the local authorities, who have until now blocked access to land, to obtain land for production. The state, and now the provinces, are the only authorities who can alter the status of agricultural land for industrial or residen...


The head of the Department of Economics and Marketing of the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute of Vietnam (Favri). She holds a Masters degree in Marketing from Supagro, the School of Agricultural Science of Montpellier.
She has been involved in extensive research into the economics of production and marketing of fruits and vegetables in Vietnam, in particular on the changes relating to street vending and the development of modern distribution, in collaboration with various international partners.

PhD in Geography at Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre in 2014. The title of her thesis is From rural to urban on the outskirts of Hà Nội. Craft villages, power and territory.
She studies reconstructions, economic but also spatial, of craft villages in the peri-urban area, within the context of the city’s expansion, of rising urbanisation and its neighbouring areas, and of administrative reorganisation.

Masters in Economics specialised in ‘sustainable and integrated development’ at Université Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. He was a researcher at Casrad for 20 years.
He has taken part in many research programmes on agricultural commodity chains and on craft villages clusters in the Red River Delta. He currently works in the Department of Agriculture at the People’s Committee of the province of Hà Nội.

Architect with a PhD in Geography from Université de Toulouse 2 Le Mirail. He is a researcher and Lecturer at the Hà Nội school of Architecture.
Both in his research and in his teaching, he works on issues relative to socio-cultural, morphologic and geomantic transformations of villages on the outskirts of Hà Nội in the context of accelerated urbanisation since 1986.

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