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Diasporas scientifiques

Rémi Barré
Valeria Hernández
Jean-Baptiste Meyer
et al.

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Appendix 3. Steering Committee

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1A Steering Commitee has been designed to support and advice the working group of experts. The Steering Commitee was put in place by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and chaired by Mrs. Elizabeth Beton Delègue, director of Scientific Cooperation and Research in this ministry. Participants to the Committee were representatives of the following bodies:

  • European Union,
  • World Bank,
  • International Organisation for migration,
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development,
  • United Nations Development Programme,
  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • French Ministry for Employment and Solidarity,
  • French Academy of Science,
  • Economic and Social Council (France),
  • High Commission for International Co-operation (France)
  • French Universities Association,
  • IRD, department for Support and Training for Southern Scientific Communities (France).
  • French-speaking Universities Association
  • French Ministry of Research and new Technologies
  • Swiss Commission for scientific partnership and developing countries
  • French Ministry of Youth, National Education and Research

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