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Hà Nội, a Metropolis in the Making

Sylvie Fanchette


Rodolphe De Koninck

Note de l’auteur

Foreword translated by R. De Koninck.

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Extrait du texte

Located at the head of the Red River delta and dotted with lakes, the city of Hà Nội has a definitely amphibious nature. Still partly agricultural, it also harbours, along with its industrial and trading functions, a dynamic cottage industry sector. While some of these attributes are shared with several other Asian metropolises, Hà Nội has a unique character. That of a millenary political capital having long shied away from mainstream globalisation influences, while attending to pressing local problems, but today increasingly intent on catching up and expanding! In the early 1990s, by which time several Southeast Asian metropolises, in particular those located in countries well engaged on the road to capitalist type development, were undergoing rapid expansion, Hà Nội still retained a country town atmosphere. High-rise buildings were virtually absent from the landscape, while massive dykes channelling the Red River through the city appeared as its dominant landmarks, and lakes as it...

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