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Discovering Craft Villages in Vietnam

Sylvie Fanchette
Nicholas Stedman

Glossary of Vietnamese words

Texte intégral

1áo dài: long, tight tunic split to the waist, worn with light, flowing trousers

2bánh: cake

3bánh đa: paper-thin rice pancakes for making spring rolls

4bánh dày: rice cake filled with meat or sweet paste

5bàn thờ: shrine to the ancestors

6bộ đội: regular soldier of the revolutionary army

7cây sõn: lacquer tree

8chèo: folk opera

9chùa: pagoda

10đậu phụ: tofu (soya bean curds), a substitute for animal protein

11đền: temple

12điếm: look-out post/small temple

13điệp: pearly-white paste made with mussel shells to decorate and strengthen paper

14đình: communal house

15dó: tree (rhamnoneuron) whose fibrous bark is used to make paper

16Đổi Mới: Economic Renewal, open-door policy

17giang: short and robust variety of bamboo

18giáp: subdivision of a hamlet (members of the same clan)

19giấy dó: paper made with the bark of the rhamnoneuron tree

20gốm mỹ thuật: artistic ceramics

21hàng sáo: rice husker

22hậu: title conferring eligibility to carry out sacrifices to Buddha

23hợp tác xã: co-operative

24khuôn: working frame, made of bamboo, to make a hat, paper, etc.

25làng: village

26lễ hội: festival

27lên ðồng: ritual ceremony where a medium becomes possessed by spirits

28lò: oven, kiln

29mây: rattan

30miếu: small temple where villagers worship deities providing protection and succour

31mõ: temple block, a hollowed piece of wood carved in the shape of a dragon, fish or frog, struck with a beater to accompany

32prayers in temples and pagodas

33ngýời viết sớ: scribes for hire at temples who write down messages and wishes for the faithful

34nhà quê: pejorative term (since the colonial period, even used in French) for anyone lacking urban sophistication, a country


36nhà thờ họ: building where clan members worship their ancestors

37nhà vãn hóa: cultural centre

38nõi hoá vàng: oven for burning votive paper, found in temples

39nôm: former Vietnamese writing system

40nón: conical hat made of latania leaves

41nứa: large species of bamboo (from south of the Delta)

42nýớc mắm: salty fish sauce, a vital source of nutrients in the traditional Vietnamese diet

43ông tổ nghề: craftancestor

44phýờng: village ward in Hà Nội, until the collectivist period

45quan họ: love duets

46quạt: fan

47quỳ: very thin gold or silver leaf used to decorate lacquered objects

48rối nýớc: water puppets

49sào: unit of measurement = 360 m2 in the north of Vietnam (500 m2 in the south)

50sõn ta: natural lacquer made from the sap of the lacquer tree

51Tết: Vietnamese lunar new year’s festival

52thần thánh hoàng: guardian spirit of a village (literally “the spirit of the ramparts”)

53thầy cúng: animist priest hired by pilgrims to officiate in a (Taoist) temple

54thợ mộc: itinerant carpenter Thuốc Bắc: northern traditional medicine (mountainous north of Vietnam and China)

55Thuốc Nam: southern traditional medicine (Vietnam)

56thủy đình: pavilion built in a pond for water puppet performances

57tiểu: ceramic burial casket (for bones only)

58tổ sý: founding ancestor

59tò he: rice dough figurines

60trác: mahogany

61tre: wide-sectioned bamboo (from south of the Delta)

62trúc: ivory bamboo, slender with closely-spaced nodes

63tuồng: classical theatre

64uỷ ban xã: communal people’s committee

65văn chỉ: temple of literature

66vông: Bamboo hoops that make up the conical hat’s skeleton

67xóm: hamlet

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