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Discovering Craft Villages in Vietnam

Sylvie Fanchette
Nicholas Stedman

Craft villages

Texte intégral

1Bát Tràng: ceramics (Itinerary no2), p. 109

2Bối Khê: mother-of-pearl and eggshells inlaying on lacquer objets d’art (Itinerary no6), p. 239

3Can Hoạch: fans and birdcages (Itinerary no7), p. 254

4Cát Quế: food processing and processed foods (Itinerary no9), p. 292

5Châm Khê: paper (Itinerary no1), p. 87

6Chuông: conical hats (Itinerary no7), p. 243

7Đại Bái: metal beating (Itinerary no3), p. 153

8Ðồi Ba and Yên Kiên: bamboo weaving (Itinerary no8), p. 287

9Đông Hồ: block prints (Itinerary no3), p. 148

10Đồng Kỵ: fine furniture (Itinerary no1), p. 68

11Dýõng Liễu: food processing and processed foods (Itinerary no9), p. 297

12Dýõng Ổ: paper (Itinerary no1), p. 81

13Dý Dụ: woodcarving (Itinerary no5), p. 210

14Giang Cao: ceramics (Itinerary no2), p. 122

15Hạ Thái: lacquer (Itinerary no5), p. 193

16Kiêu Kỵ: goldbeating (Itinerary no2), p. 127

17Kim Thiều: fine furniture (Itinerary no1), p. 71

18La Khê: silk (Itinerary no4), p. 183

19La Phù: wool knitting (Itinerary no4), p. 186

20Lýu Thýợng: wickerwork (Itinerary no7), p. 262

21Minh Khai: food processing and processed foods (Itinerary no9), p. 298

22Nhị Khê: woodturning (Itinerary no5), p. 202

23Ninh Giang: medicinal plants (Itinerary no2), p. 142

24Ninh Hiệp: trade in textiles and medicinal plants (Itinerary no2), p. 131

25Phù Khê Thýợng and Phù Khê Ðông: fine furniture (Itinerary no1), p. 71

26Phú Lãng (Ðồng Sài, Thử Công, Phan Trung): pottery (Itinerary no1b), p. 91

27Phú Vinh: rattan weaving (Itinerary no8), p. 274

28Phù Ninh: trade in textiles (Itinerary no2), p. 140

29Phù Yên: giang weaving (Itinerary no8), p. 287

30Quảng Phú Cầu: incense sticks (Itinerary no7), p. 261

31Quất Động: embroidery (Itinerary no6), p. 224

32Sõn Ðồng: lacquered wooden statues (Itinerary no9), p. 289

33Thiết Ứng: fine furniture and religious statues (Itinerary no1), p. 71

34Thổ Hà: previously ceramics (Itinerary no1b), p. 102

35Thôn Trung, Thôn Ngọ and Thôn Thýợng (Chuyên Mỹ): mother-of-pearl inlaying (Itinerary no6), p. 233

36Thụy Ứng: carving and making items from horn (Itinerary no5), p. 207

37Vạn Phúc: silk (Itinerary no4), p. 173

38Xuân Lai: ‘burnt’ bamboo furniture (Itinerary no3), p. 165

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