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Discovering Craft Villages in Vietnam

Sylvie Fanchette
Nicholas Stedman

About the authors

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1Sylvie FANCHETTE has a doctorate in geography from the University of Paris VIII. Since October 1993, she has been a researcher for IRD, the Research Institute for Development. She studies the urbanisation process of the countryside in densely populated deltas (the Red River, the Nile, the Niger, etc.). She has lived in Vietnam for several years and leads a research programme investigating “the development of craft villages in the context of the peri-urbanisation process around Hà Nội”.

2Nicholas STEDMAN has an MA in French literature from McGill University (Montreal). He has worked on four continents as a translator, interpreter, writer, reviser, consultant, NGO worker, film festival programmer, projectionist and English teacher. Co-author of a guide to understanding Vietnamese ways and customs (Dos and Don’ts in Vietnam), he lived in Hà Nội from 1999 to 2007. Since the end of 2007, he has been living and working in Accra (Ghana).

3François CARLET-SOULAGES, photographer since 1997, has lived in Hà Nội since 2002. In 2008, he started the photo agency NOI Pictures ( in Hà Nội, which represents several photographers with diverse specialities from all over the world. NOI Pictures also distributes a collection of stock images about Vietnam.

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