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Discovering Craft Villages in Vietnam

Sylvie Fanchette
Nicholas Stedman


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1Our thanks go first to the artisans encountered in the Red River Delta, who welcomed us warmly and told us the history of their villages, their crafts and their lives. Without them, without their patience, this book would never have been written. We are also very thankful to the councillors from the People’s Committees of the communes surveyed for bestowing their confidence in us and sharing their valuable experience.

2We would also like to extend our special gratitude to Michael DiGregorio of the Ford Foundation, who gave us his moral and financial support and provided us with expert advice throughout this long process of research and writing.

3Similarly, we thank François Carlet-Soulages who, clutching his camera, followed us into a host of villages and who has shed a very special light onto our texts.

4We also thank the various institutions who have helped finance this work: the Department of Information and Communication at IRD (the Research Institute for Development), AFD (the French Development Agency), the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation to Hà Nội, the Hermès Group, the Toulouse City Council and l’Espace (the French Cultural Centre in Hà Nội).

5Our warmest thanks also go to Charles Beranger, graphic designer, for his expertise and patience during the last and lengthy stage of creating the layout for this work.

6In addition, we must thank the interpreters who accompanied us in the field and the translators, thanks to whom this work is published in three versions. Finally, much gratitude goes to our friends and families who helped us with their advice, their patience and their support.

© IRD Éditions, 2016

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