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The inland water fishes of Africa

Didier Paugy
Christian Levêque
Olga Otero

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Extrait du texte

18 -

Rain or temperature?

28 -

From lake to marsh: the case of Lake Chad

30 -

Lake Victoria: an example of rapid evolution

30 -

Nyos, an extreme example

41 -

Recession of the Sahelo-Sudanian rivers

43 -

Is there a risk of Lake Victoria drying out?

44 -

From Mega to Marshy Chad

47 -

Relict fauna in the Sahara

48 -

Lake sediments record climatic history

58 -

A Late Devonian African fish fauna in South Africa

59 -

The Stanleyville Beds assemblage, a typical “ganoid fish fauna”

60 -

Toros-Menalla, a Cenozoic freshwater fish fauna 7 Myrs ago

62 -

African freshwater fish localities since the Late Cretaceous: a review

66 -

On the tracks of evaders?

69 -

The inconsistent state of the lungfish fossil record

71 -

Bichirs: decline, fall and new rise of a Western Gondwanan fish in Africa

79 -

Channid palaeo-distribution: palaeogeographical or palaeoclimatological constraints

81 -

African fish diversification and geologically-driven events

108-109 -


120 -

Refuge zones theory

123 -

Fish of the Sahara: witnesses of a wetter p...

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