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La lutte antivectorielle en France

Didier Fontenille
Christophe Lagneau
Sylvie Lecollinet
et al.

General recommendations. Eight great priorities

Priority recommendation n° 7

Improve training

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1If improvement in the overall system for vector control is to be achieved, better theoretical and practical training is required at a very early stage for senior public health and veterinary personnel. All aspects of vector control should be covered. Moreover, continuous training for technical agents must be tightly formulated and reinforced so they can take on board the changes and developments in techniques, regulations, and vector and epidemic risks. At least one management-level agent of each vector control operator body must have accomplished high-level training in applied entomology. Depending on the objectives, programmes for such training could be aid on by the CNFPT, the professional networks like ADEGE, universities, the EHESP or the CNEV.

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