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La lutte antivectorielle en France

Didier Fontenille
Christophe Lagneau
Sylvie Lecollinet
et al.

General recommendations. Eight great priorities

Priority recommendation n° 5

Support research

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1The development of innovatory research that could lead to alternative vector control or others complementary to current ones, that are better targeted, less polluting, durable, accepted by communities and for an affordable cost, is crucial.

2The research efforts, both fundamental and applied will be developed in the following three fields:

  • the detailed mechanisms of disease transmission by vectors (research in taxonomy, vectors biology, vector-pathogen interactions, genomics of transmission);
  • entomological risk assessment, especially in the context of climatic and environmental changes (research on risk indicators, modelling of risk and effectiveness of interventions);
  • transmission control strategies that are less polluting, more accurately targeted and more durable (research on the methods and advantages of control using alternative biocidal products, management of vector resistance, biological and genetic control, control by community participation).

3An incentive financial package allocated jointly by the ministries of Research, Health, Agriculture and Ecology could allow the mobilization of high-level researchers and students in France and abroad.

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