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La lutte antivectorielle en France

Didier Fontenille
Christophe Lagneau
Sylvie Lecollinet
et al.

General recommendations. Eight great priorities

Priority recommendation n° 4

Assess the operations conducted

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1The Expert group has found evidence of significant deficiencies in the assessment of operational activities, economic aspects and unwanted side-effects. No assessment is possible without indicators. It is really urgent to launch a comprehensive study of indicators (operational, economic, ecological, sociological) through the setting-up of an ad hoc committee of professionals (including members of the CNEV) at the initiative of the ministries of Health, Agriculture and Ecology.

2Once the standardized indicators required have been defined, common to both human and animal epidemiology, it would be advisable to make sure a culture of assessment is instilled in the services involved by enabling each of them to take on board the concepts and methodologies of assessment and realize the real importance of this approach.

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